LU Liqin,FU Xiaohong,SONG Huidong.GClnc1 promotes proliferation and migration of human gastric cancer cells in vitro by activating SIRT3/FOXO3/SOD2 pathway[J].J Third Mil Med Univ,2019,41(07):673-677.

GClnc1通过SIRT3/FOXO3/SOD2信号通路促进胃癌细胞SGC7901的增殖和迁移(/HTML )




GClnc1 promotes proliferation and migration of human gastric cancer cells in vitro by activating SIRT3/FOXO3/SOD2 pathway
卢丽琴付晓红 宋慧东
LU Liqin FU Xiaohong SONG Huidong  

Department of Gastroenterology,Guangzhou No.12 People’s Hospital,Guangzhou,Guangdong Province,510000; Department of Oncology, the People’s Hospital of Nanshan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province,518000,China


GClnc1 gastric cancer SITR3 FOXO3 SOD2
R394.2; R730.23; R735.2

目的 探究lncRNA GClnc1是否通过SIRT3/FOXO3/SOD2调控胃癌细胞增殖和迁移。方法 通过转染慢病毒的方法,在人胃癌细胞SGC7901中分别过表达和沉默GClnc1,采用Western blot和qRTPCR检测SIRT3/FOXO3/SOD2 mRNA和蛋白水平的改变;在过表达GClnc1的同时分别沉默SIRT3/FOXO3/SOD2,采用CCK8检测细胞增殖能力,划痕实验检测细胞迁移能力。结果 过表达GClnc1可以上调SIRT3/FOXO3/SOD2的mRNA和蛋白水平(P<0.05),并增强SGC7901细胞的增殖[(1.00±0.14 ) vs (1.79±0.21), P<0.05]和迁移能力(10.87±0.76 vs 16.53±2.25, P<0.05),而沉默GClnc1则降低SIRT3/FOXO3/SOD2的mRNA和蛋白水平(P<0.05),并减少细胞增殖(1.00±0.14 vs 0.62±0.13, P<0.05)和迁移能力(10.87±0.76 vs 6.46±0.89, P<0.01)。沉默SIRT3/FOXO3/SOD2可以消除过表达GClnc1对细胞增殖和迁移能力的促进作用。结论 GClnc1通过激活SIRT3/FOXO3/SOD2信号通路促进SGC7901细胞增殖和迁移。



Objective To investigate whether the long noncoding RNA (lncRNA) GClnc1 regulates the proliferation and migration of gastric cancer cells by modulating the expression of SIRT3/FOXO3/SOD2 pathway. Methods We transfected human gastric cancer SGC7901 cells with lentiviral vectors to induce overexpression or knockdown of GClnc1, and examined the changes in the expression of SIRT3/FOXO3/SOD2 at both mRNA and protein levels using qRT-PCR and Western blotting. We also observed the effects of SIRT3/FOXO3/SOD2 silencing on the proliferation and migration of GClnc1-overexpressing SGC7901 cells using CCK8 assay and scratch wound healing assay, respectively. Results Overexpression of GClnc1 significantly up-regulated the mRNA and protein levels of SIRT3/FOXO3/SOD2 (P<0.05), and obviously enhanced the proliferation and migration of SGC7901 cells (P<0.05). GClnc1 knockdown significantly lowered the the mRNA and protein levels of SIRT3/FOXO3/SOD2 (P<0.05) and inhibited the proliferation and migration of the cells (P<0.05). Silencing SIRT3/FOXO3/SOD2 obviously eliminated the effect of GClnc1 overexpression on the cell proliferation and migration. Conclusion GClnc1 promotes proliferation and migration of SGC7901 cells by activating SIRT3/FOXO3/SOD2 pathway


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