Wen Wei,Wang Lin,Ge Chengguo,et al.Influence of hip arthroplasty on male sexual function: report of 76 cases[J].J Third Mil Med Univ,2015,37(15):1522-1526.

人工髋关节置换术对男性性功能的影响(/HTML )




Influence of hip arthroplasty on male sexual function: report of 76 cases
Wen Wei Wang Lin Ge Chengguo Li Xunhua Qin Linghui Zhou Yang Yuan Yi Xu Guangyong Zhang Ronggui Lin Yanjun Yuan Qiuping Zhang Weili

Department of Urology, Department of Orthopaedics, the Second Affiliated Hospital of Chongqing Medical University, Chongqing, 400010, China

arthroplasty replacement hip joint erectile dysfunction premature ejaculation
R181.37; R687.4; R698

目的      探讨人工髋关节置换术对男性性功能有无不利影响。      方法      回顾性分析我院骨科2011年9月至2013年9月收治的76例行人工髋关节置换术的男性患者进行随访,按年龄分组,分为青年组(20~39岁)12例(15.8%),中年组(40~59岁)40例(52.6%),老年组(60岁及以上)24例(31.6%)。采用髋关节功能评分(Harris)、焦虑和抑郁自评量表(SAS/SDS)、国际勃起功能简化量表(IIEF-5)、中国早泄患者性功能评价表(CIPE)、视觉模拟评分法(VAS)评价量表,评价患者手术前后髋关节功能情况及性功能情况,并进行统计学分析,进一步分析人工髋关节置换术与男性性功能之间的关系。      结果      本组病例全部获得随访,随访时间12~15个月,平均(13.2±1.4)月。随访期间无血管、神经、再发骨折等相关并发症出现。8例(33.3%)老年组及5例(12.5%)中年组患者在术后6个月时勃起功能、性高潮、性欲、性生活满意度和总体满意度较术前出现了不同程度的下降,其中老年组CIPE评分由(31.19±4.11)分降至(28.08±3.54)分,IIEF评分由(17.15±4.13)分降至(14.13±8.22)分,中年组CIPE评分由(33.17±2.13)分降至(30.09±3.41)分,IIEF评分由(21.45±2.12)分降至(19.11±7.43)分,这与术后SAS/SDS、VAS评分显著相关(r=0.681、0.723、0.751、0.694、0.751、0.728,均P<0.05),手术12个月后均恢复到术前水平,其余患者并无明显改变。术前与术后6、12个月各评分比较差异具有统计学意义(P<0.05)。      结论      部分髋关节置换术的中年和老年男性患者性功能在术后6个月时出现下降,术后早期可通过改善患者疼痛情况及焦虑和抑郁情绪帮助人工髋关节置换术后男性患者性功能尽快恢复。


Objective      To explore whether there is negative influence of hip arthroplasty on the male sexual function.       Methods      A total of 76 male patients under going hip arthroplasty in our hospital from September 2011 to September 2013 were enrolled in this study and  divided into a young group (12 cases, 15.8%, 20 to 39 years old), a middle-age group (40 cases, 52.6%, 40 to 59 years old), and an elderly group (24 cases, 21.3%, 60 years old and above). The hip joint function and the sexual function were surveyed using the hip joint function score (Harris), anxiety and depression self rating scale (SAS/SDS), the 5-item version of the international index of erectile function questionnaire (IIEF-5), Chinese patients with premature ejaculation function evaluation questionnaire (CIPE), and visual analogue scale (VAS) before surgery and in 6 and 12 months after surgery, and the relationship between the hip arthroplasty and the male sexual function was further analyzed.       Results      All the 76 cases accomplished the follow-up lasting for 12-15 months, with an average of 13.2±1.4 months. During the  follow-up, the blood vessels, nerve, recurrent fractures and other related complications were not found. There were 8 cases (33.3%) in the elderly group and 5 cases (12.5%) in the middle age group, with different degrees of decline sexual function including erectile function, orgasm, sexual desire, sexual satis faction and overall satisfaction in 6 months after surgery. The CIPE  score in the elderly group declined from 31.19±4.11 points to 28.08±3.54 points, and the IIEF score was declined from 17.15±4.13 points to 14.13±8.22 points. The CIPE score in the middle age group was declined from 33.17±2.13 points to 30.09±3.41 points, and the IIEF score declined from 21.45±2.12 points to 19.11±7.43 points. In addition, the sexual function was negatively correlated with the postoperative SAS/SDS and CAS scores (r=0.681, 0.723, 0.751, 0.694, 0.751, and 0.728, P<0.05). There were significant differences in the scores before and in 6 and 12 months after surgery (P<0.05). The patients were restored to the preoperative levels after 12 months, and the rest of the patients had no any obvious change.       Conclusion      Some middle-aged or elderly patients have a decrease in sexual function in 6 months after hip joint replacement. The alleviation of pain, anxiety and depression is helpful to restore the male sexual function as soon as possible.


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