LI Qin,LIU Jie,LIU Xianjun,et al.Establishment of rat model of hyperuricemia by feeding potassium oxonate combined with fructose[J].J Third Mil Med Univ,2018,40(07):569-576.

果糖联合氧嗪酸钾建立高尿酸血症大鼠模型(/HTML )




Establishment of rat model of hyperuricemia by feeding potassium oxonate combined with fructose
LI Qin LIU Jie LIU Xianjun JIANG Xue

Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, College of Basic Medical Sciences, Chongqing Medical University, Chongqing, 400016, China

hyperuricemia animal model fructose potassium oxonate rats
R-332; R589.7; R977.6

目的    采用单纯果糖及联合氧嗪酸钾喂养的方法诱导高尿酸血症(hyperuricemia,HUA)大鼠模型,比较不同模型的稳定性和适用性。方法     雄性SD大鼠60只,应用随机数字表法分为6组,每组10只,分别予以5%果糖水喂养(5%Fru组)、5%果糖水+氧嗪酸钾处理(5%FO组)、10%果糖水喂养(10%Fru组)、10%果糖水+氧嗪酸钾处理(10%FO组)、氧嗪酸钾处理(Oaps组)、清水喂养对照组(Con组)。实验造模14周,每周末检测大鼠血清尿酸(serum uric acid,SUA)、血清尿素氮(serum urea nitrogen,BUN)、血清肌酐(serum creatinine,SCr)水平,实验结束后观察大鼠肝、肾组织学变化。结果     5%FO组、10%Fru组、10%FO组均能快速升高SUA(P<0.01);在第10、11周10%Fru组SUA水平显著低于5%FO组、10%FO组(P<0.01)。10%Fru组、10%FO组BUN和SCr水平分别在第6、7周开始升高(P<0.01)。10%Fru组、10%FO组肾脏组织学改变明显;5%FO组偶见轻微组织学改变;各组均未发现肝脏有明显组织学变化。结论     果糖联合氧嗪酸钾能够成功建立稳定、高效的高尿酸血症大鼠模型,不同果糖浓度对肾脏损伤程度不同,可根据后续研究选择合适的动物模型。


Objective     To compare the stability and applicability of rat models of hyperuricemia induced by simple fructose feeding or feeding with potassium oxonate and fructose. Methods     A total of 60 male SD rats were randomly divided into 6 groups (10 animals in each group), that is, 5% Fru group (fed with normal chow diet and water containing 5% fructose), 5% FO group (water containing 5% fructose and potassium oxonate), 10%Fru group (water containing 10%), 10%FO group (water containing 10% fructose and potassium oxonate), Oaps group (water containing potassium oxonate), and control group (normal water). The experiment lasted for 14 weeks, and the levels of serum uric acid (SUA), urea nitrogen (BUN) and serum creatinine (SCr) were measured at every weekend. The pathological changes of the liver and kidneys were observed at the end of experiment. Results     5%FO group, 10%Fru group and 10%FO group rapidly increased the SUA level (P<0.01). At weeks 10 and 11, the level of SUA was significantly lower in the 10% Fru group than the 5%FO group and 10% FO group (P<0.01). The levels of BUN and SCr were gradually increased since weeks 6 and 7 in the 10%Fru group and 10%FO group (P<0.01). Obviously histological features were observed in the kidneys of the rats from the 10%Fru group and 10%FO group, but the changes were mildly in the kidney of the 5%FO group. There were no significant morphological changes in the liver of the rats from all the groups. Conclusion     Fructose combined with potassium oxonate can successfully establish a stable and highly effective rat model of hyperuricemia. Different doses of fructose show different effects on renal damage, and can be used for the animal models for different studies.


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