Guo Peng,Liu Yangdong,Tu Bo,et al.Role of photodynamic therapy in prevention of arteriovenous fistula restenosis in rabbits[J].J Third Mil Med Univ,2017,39(07):635-640.

光动力疗法在预防动静脉内瘘再狭窄中的作用(/HTML )




Role of photodynamic therapy in prevention of arteriovenous fistula restenosis in rabbits
Guo Peng Liu Yangdong Tu Bo Fu Qining Zhao Yu Hu Liangzhu Shi Yongsheng Li Chao Dong Junxiu

Department of Vascular Surgery, the First Affiliated Hospital of Chongqing Medical University, Chongqing, 400016, China

arteriovenous fistula venous endometrial hyperplasia photodynamic therapy
R-332; R454.2; R543.6

目的      观察光动力疗法(photodynamic therapy,PDT)对动静脉内瘘(native arteriovenous fistulae, AVF)通畅率和静脉端内膜增生的影响。方法     将32只健康新西兰白兔(体质量2.0~2.5 kg,不区分雌雄)完全随机等分为对照组(n=8)、单纯光敏剂组(n=8)、单纯光照组(n=8)、实验组(n=8)。建立兔颈部AVF模型,按组别进行不同处理。于术后第2、8、15、22天及第29天用超声检测血流情况。术后4周取近吻合口处静脉观察内膜增生情况并测量厚度。通过S-P检测增殖细胞核抗原(proliferating cell nuclear antigen, PCNA)表达,并评估其增殖活性,原位末端标记法检测细胞凋亡情况。结果      术后第15、22天及第29天,实验组AVF血流量明显高于其余3组(P<0.05);术后4周,实验组内膜增生厚度明显小于其余3组(P<0.05); PCNA表达明显弱于其余3组(P<0.05);中膜血管平滑肌细胞(vascular smooth muscle cells,VSMCs)凋亡率明显高于其余3组(P<0.05)。结论     光动力治疗能有效促进VSMCs细胞凋亡,抑制血管内膜增生,从而有效提高AVF血流量。


Objective     To determine the effect of photodynamic therapy (PDT) on the patency rate and venous endometrial hyperplasia of arteriovenous fistula restenosis (AVF). Methods    A total of 32 New Zealand rabbits of both sexes (weighing 2.0~2.5 kg) were randomly divided into control group, simple photosensitizer group, simple light group and PDT group (n=8 for each group). The AVF model was inflicted in the neck of rabbits, and corresponding treatments were given according to the groups. In 2, 8, 15, 22 and 29 d post operation, color Doppler ultrasound examination was adopted to detect the blood flows. The intimal hyperplasia was observed and measured in 4 weeks postoperatively. The expression of proliferating cell nuclear antigen (PCNA) was detected to assess the proliferative activity by immunohistochemical staining, The apoptosis of vascular smooth muscle cells (VSMCs) was tested by terminal deoxynucleotidyl transferase (TdT)-mediated dUTP nick end labeling (TUNEL) assay. Results      The AVF blood flow was significantly stronger in the PDT group than the other 3 groups in 15, 22 and 29 d postoperatively (P<0.05). And the hyperplasia thickness was obviously milder in the former group than the latter groups in 4 weeks (P<0.05). The PDT group had remarkably weaker expression of PCNA (P<0.05) and higher apoptotic rate of VSMCs when compared with the 3 groups (P<0.05). Conclusion    PDT efficiently promotes the apoptosis of VSMCs, inhibits the venous endometrial hyperplasia, and thus enhances the blood flow of AVF.


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