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Progress of a cause-unidentified disease: negative AIDS



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Progress of a cause-unidentified disease: negative AIDS


XIONG HongyanWANG Taiwu

Department of Military Epidemiology, Faculty of Military Preventive Medicine, Army Medical University (Third Military Medical University), Chongqing, 400038, China


negative AIDS AIDS phobia chronic fatigue syndrome cause-unidentified disease

R181.37; R512.91

In recent years, our research team has followed up and observed a group of “patients” who are unknown by clinicians and called as “negative AIDS” or “AIDS phobia”. Because the complaint symptoms of these “patients” are not consistent with the results of clinical routine tests, they are often treated as patients with psychological disorders. Our questionnaire investigation showed that most of the “patients” have symptoms similar to cold, respiratory tract infection and intestinal infection shortly after an unsafe sexual behavior. And after acute period, the chronic symptoms persist and delay, involving the pharynx, larynx, skin, muscle, skeleton, nerve and other systems. These “patients” are weakened by illness, and loss of the quality of life. The preliminary tests about serological indicators showed that there are obvious immunological abnormalities and inflammatory reactions in vivo. In addition, the analysis of gut microbiota diversity also showed significant changes. Further literature studies showed that “negative AIDS” patients are very similar to chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) reported by international academic community in terms of symptomatic characteristics and cognitive process. In 2015, the U.S health departments confirmed that CFS is a biologically based disease, not a purely psychological problem. Recent research information shows that CFS is significantly associated with pathogenic infections. The patients present immune dysfunction and abnormal response in hormone regulation, metabolism and oxidative stress reaction. In summary, we could propose that the “negative AIDS” patients may be a subgroup of CFS, whose symptoms are induced by a series of pathological reactions caused by pathogen infection. The limitations of current routine clinical indicators could artificially cover the hazard the disease.


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