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Expression of miR-140 in mouse inner ear hair cells and its regulation on synaptic protein Dynamin-1



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Expression of miR-140 in mouse inner ear hair cells and its regulation on synaptic protein Dynamin-1


TANG Xiaolin LI Yang YU Fei JIA Lifeng LI Huajun YUAN Wei

Department of Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery, First Affiliated Hospital, Army Military Medical University (Third Military Medical University), Chongqing, 400038, China


miR-140 Dynamin-1 in situ hybridization inner hair cells adeno-associated virus

R322.923; R329.26; R394.3

Objective    To investigate the expression and distribution of miR-140 in mouse inner ear hair cells and its targeting regulation on Dnm1, the gene encoding synaptophysin Dynamin-1. Methods    After the cochlear basement membrane was harvested from healthy adult C57BL/6J mice (8 weeks old), immunofluorescence staining and in situ hybridization were used to observe the expression and location of Dynamin-1 and miR-140. The luciferase reporter gene vector was constructed and then transfected into 293T cells to determine whether Dnm1 is the target gene of miR-140. Adeno-associated viral vectors carrying miR-140 precursor and blank gene were injected into the cochlea of the mice via circular window membrane. After 14 d, the mRNA expression of miR-140 and Dnm1 was detected by RT-PCR, and Dynamin-1 protein was detected by Western blotting. Results    miR-140 was expressed in the cytoplasm of inner and outer hair cells, and Dynamin-1 was mainly expressed in the cytoplasm of inner hair cells. The luciferase activity assay showed that miR-140 could inhibit the enzyme reporter activity of 3′UTR of Dnm1 (P<0.05). The mRNA expression of miR-140 was significantly increased after transfection of AAV-miR-140, while the mRNA level of Dnm1 and its protein level were decreased significantly (P<0.05). Conclusion    Dnm1 is the target gene of miR-140, and the latter can inhibit the expression of Dynamin-1 in inner ear hair cells, suggesting that it may negatively regulate the process of synaptic vesicle endocytosis of inner hair cells by inhibiting Dynamin, and then affect the transmission of auditory signals.


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